“Transformers: Age of Extinction”

“Transformers: Age of Extinction”

Release Date: June 27, 2014

Set five years after “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” all of the Transformers’ (Autobots and Decepticons alike) lives have changed dramatically. With the cast being completely overhauled, we have Cade Yeager, an inventor who is doing all he can do to provide for his daughter by digging through junk and trying to come up with the next innovative invention that will change the future forever. When Cade buys an old beat up semi truck that crashed through the local movie theater, his life will be intertwined with the Transformers forever.

My only complaint about this film is the length. With a runtime nearing close to two hours and forty minutes, there certainly are a few scenes that could have been cut from the motion picture. Most of those scenes were trying to draw a quick laugh from the audience. Most people going into watching this new installment of the “Transformers” franchise has a pretty clear picture what to expect…tons of action, multiple explosions, top of the line computer-generated imagery, and some quirky one liners. You are either going to really like this movie or you are going to hate this movie…there is no in between.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Mark Wahlberg……………Cade Yeager
Stanley Tucci……………….Joshua Joyce
Kelsey Grammer……………Harold Attinger
Nicola Peltz………………..Tessa Yeager
Jack Reynor………………..Shane Dyson
Titus Welliver……………..James Savoy
Sophia Myles……………..Darcy Tirrel
Bingbing Li………………Su Yueming
T.J. Miller………………..Lucas Flannery

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“Edge of Tomorrow”

“Edge of Tomorrow”

Release Date: June 6, 2014

Did you have the feeling that while watching the preview for this film, you started to say to yourself that this reminds you of Tom Cruise’s last film, “Oblivion,” or even a little bit of “Groundhog Day?” Well, do not worry about that as the only thing that “Edge of Tomorrow” has in common with “Oblivion” is that Tom Cruise is the lead actor in both films…and that both of the movies are exceptional. The basic concept used in this film’s preview could be considered very similar to that of “Groundhog Day,” but once you watch just ten minutes of “Edge of Tomorrow,” you will soon forget about any such comparisons. I know this will come to a shock to most us watching either sequels or reboots for what seems like the past two years, but “Edge of Tomorrow” has a very original and refreshing script that you cannot help but give a double finger pistol salute just like Shooter McGavin after he sinks a crucial putt.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are masterful in their roles as Major William Cage and Sergeant Rita Vrataski. Great chemistry between the two and Cruise absolutely nails his timing down perfectly with every little expression that he makes with every character that he interacts with. You want the full package when watching a movie? Then this film should solidify those needs quite well. You have a ton of action going on left and right, an immense and very detailed description of what is exactly going on throughout the film, and just the right amount of comedy used in certain situations, especially from Cruise, that makes this film one hell of a ride.

Essentially, this movie is about Major William Cage being thrown into the front lines of combat between humans and an alien race, even though Cage has no skills, except for Public Relations, whatsoever. Cannot really say much more about this film without giving anything away as the slightest detail could give away some of the plot.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Tom Cruise……….Major William Cage
Emily Blunt……….Sergeant Rita Vrataski
Bill Paxton………..Master Sergeant Farell
Brendan Gleeson…..General Brigham
Jonas Armstrong…..Skinner
Tony Way…………Kimmel

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“X-Men: Days of Future Past”

“X-Men: Days of Future Past”

Release Date: May 23, 2014

Is this the best X-Men film? That certainly can be debated, but for me, I would have to say yes, yes it is. Think you know what is going to happen just by watching the trailer of the film? Well you will be in for a surprise once you sit down and start watching. I cannot remember one single dull moment throughout the entire movie. Sure, there are a few discrepancies that you will come across if you are a big X-Men fan, but to the casual viewer, those little details will fly over your head without you even noticing.

The storyline is fantastic and each character plays a pretty important part for what Bryan Singer is trying to portray to the viewers. You all know that Hugh Jackman will bring his best performance playing as Wolverine, but the rest of the cast is outstanding as well. James McAvoy is brilliant in taking his character, Charles Xavier, to all new heights than what we saw from him in “X-Men: First Class.” Naturally, Michael Fassbender ups his game as well because Magneto cannot let his best friend get the best of him right? And that brings us to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen who plays Professor Xavier and Magneto as well and their on screen chemistry has not changed one bit. Jennifer Lawrence kicks some major ass and her character, Mystique, plays a very important part in this film. Who is the best new character to watch for you ask? Well, that is a pretty easy question to answer right there. That title belongs to Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters. Peteres will certainly steal the show in the scenes that he is in.

Overall, this is a film that I hope most of you will be able to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. With the runtime at a little over two hours, it will only feel like fifteen minutes went by after the movie ends, which I could have easily sat down for another two hours if Singer wanted to make this X-Men film into a similar style of that of director Frank Darabont. Will “X-Men: Days of Future Past” be my number one film for 2014? I do not have a clue yet, as I have only seen 4 movies this year so far and I will be debating for the rest of the year whether or not “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” or this film is better. I may just have to flip a coin when doing my rankings whenever I get to them sometime next year.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Hugh Jackman………………..Logan / Wolverine
James McAvoy………………Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender…………Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence………….Raven / Mystique
Halle Berry…………………Storm
Nicholas Hoult……………..Hank McCoy / Beast
Ellen Page…………………..Kitty Pryde
Peter Dinklage……………..Dr. Bolivar Trask
Shawn Ashmore……………Bobby / Iceman

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Release Date: May 16, 2014

As you are sitting there for the first hour of the movie, just taking in all the flashbacks and the intense buildup to a well written script, the camera begins to pan all the way from the ground to an estimate of 355 feet in the air. Then all of a sudden, you receive goose bumps all over your body as an intense roar commences and all you can do is grin from ear to ear and give a fist pump just like Dwight Schrute does whenever he sees a fire truck arrive to a scene. That roar that nearly all of the world can recognize by now is from the great King of the Monsters himself, GODZILLA!

Godzilla remains dormant for decades, but once the human race messes up, like usual, someone has to come and clean up our mess. Some may not like the long wait until you finally get to see him, but once you do, it is well worth the wait. The buildup for that specific scene makes up for the wait in my opinion. The cast of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Ken Watanabe helps you feel like you are actually right there in the middle of everything…if you are watching at the theater that is. This will be a film that I will be watching over and over for decades to come.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Aaron Taylor-Johnson…………….Ford Brody
Elisabeth Olsen……………………Elle Brody
Bryan Cranston……………………Joe Brody
Ken Watanabe…………………….Dr. Ishiro Serizawa
Sally Hawkins…………………….Vivienne Graham

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My Current Film Collection

  1. 300
  2. The A-Team
  3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  4. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
  5. Air Force One
  6. The Amazing Spider-Man
  7. American Pie Present: Band Camp
  8. Any Given Sunday
  9. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  10. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  11. Austin Powers in Goldmember
  12. The Avengers
  13. Batman Begins
  14. The Dark Knight
  15. The Dark Knight Rises
  16. Battle: Los Angeles
  17. The Benchwarmers
  18. Blades of Glory
  19. The Blind Side
  20. The Book of Eli
  21. The Bourne Identity
  22. The Bourne Supremacy
  23. The Bourne Ultimatum
  24. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
  25. Bruce Almighty
  26. Buried
  27. Caddyshack
  28. Captain America: The First Avenger
  29. Casablanca
  30. Charlie Wilson’s War
  31. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  32. Cowboys & Aliens
  33. The Crazies
  34. The Da Vinci Code
  35. Death at a Funeral
  36. Death Race
  37. The Defiant Ones
  38. The Departed
  39. Die Hard
  40. Die Hard 2
  41. Die Hard with a Vengeance
  42. Live Free or Die Hard
  43. Django Unchained
  44. Dodgeball
  45. Dr. No
  46. From Russia with Love
  47. Goldfinger
  48. Thunderball
  49. You Only Live Twice
  50. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  51. Diamonds are Forever
  52. Live and Let Die
  53. The Man with the Golden Gun
  54. The Spy Who Loved Me
  55. Moonraker
  56. For Your Eyes Only
  57. Octopussy
  58. A View to a Kill
  59. The Living Daylights
  60. License to Kill
  61. GoldenEye
  62. Tomorrow Never Dies
  63. The World Is Not Enough
  64. Die Another Day
  65. Casino Royale
  66. Quantum of Solace
  67. Skyfall
  68. Due Date
  69. The Dukes of Hazzard
  70. The Expendables
  71. Faster
  72. Fight Club
  73. The Fighter
  74. First Blood
  75. Rambo: First Blood Part II
  76. Rambo III
  77. Forrest Gump
  78. Friday the 13th
  79. From Paris with Love
  80. The Fugitive
  81. Gamer
  82. The Girl Next Door
  83. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  84. Goodfellas
  85. Grandma’s Boy
  86. The Green Hornet
  87. The Green Mile
  88. Hall Pass
  89. The Hangover
  90. Happy Gilmore
  91. Hidalgo
  92. Hitman
  93. Home Alone
  94. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  95. Home Alone 3
  96. Horrible Bosses
  97. Hot Tub Time Machine
  98. How To Train Your Dragon
  99. I Am Legend
  100. Inception
  101. The Incredible Hulk
  102. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  103. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  104. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
  105. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  106. Inglorious Basterds
  107. Inside Man
  108. Invictus
  109. Iron Man
  110. Iron Man 2
  111. The Italian Job
  112. Jeepers Creepers 2
  113. Joe Dirt
  114. Jumper
  115. Just Go With It
  116. Kick-Ass
  117. Laura
  118. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  119. The Lone Ranger
  120. The Losers
  121. The Maltese Falcon
  122. Man of Steel
  123. The Mask of Zorro
  124. Maverick
  125. The Mechanic
  126. Mission: Impossible
  127. Mission: Impossible II
  128. Mission: Impossible III
  129. Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol
  130. The Mist
  131. The Mummy
  132. The Mummy Returns
  133. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  134. National Treasure
  135. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
  136. Night at the Museum
  137. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  138. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  139. Office Space
  140. Old School
  141. The Other Guys
  142. The Passion of the Christ
  143. The Patriot
  144. Pearl Harbor
  145. The Perfect Storm
  146. Pineapple Express
  147. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  148. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
  149. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
  150. Prince of Persia
  151. Public Enemies
  152. Pulp Fiction
  153. Red
  154. Reservoir Dogs
  155. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  156. Salt
  157. Saturday Night Fever
  158. Secondhand Lions
  159. Semi-Pro
  160. Se7en
  161. The Shawshank Redemption
  162. She’s Out of My League
  163. Sherlock Holmes
  164. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  165. Shooter
  166. Short Circuit
  167. Shutter Island
  168. The Soloist
  169. Stakeout
  170. Step Brothers
  171. The Stepfather
  172. Super Troopers
  173. Superbad
  174. Superman Returns
  175. Taken
  176. Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  177. They Came to Cordura
  178. Thor
  179. Tomb Raider
  180. Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
  181. The Tourist
  182. Training Day
  183. Transformers
  184. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  185. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  186. Tropic Thunder
  187. Unknown
  188. The Usual Suspects
  189. Wanted
  190. Watchmen
  191. The Waterboy
  192. Wedding Crashers
  193. The Wizard of Oz
  194. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  195. X-Men: First Class
  196. X-Men
  197. X2
  198. X-Men: The Last Stand
  199. The Wolverine
  200. Zombieland
  201. Zoolander
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“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Release Date: May 2, 2014

Going into this film after seeing the preview over and over, I began to have some doubts about the amount of villains that would be making an appearance. But, those doubts were put to rest fairly early into the film as having those 3 villains (or is there more???) actually make the storyline that much better. This sequel is just as amazing as the first film in the franchise. I really like how “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is a sure fire continuation of the story from the first film, as nearly everything that happened in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” plays a factor in what decisions Peter Parker/Spider-Man and the rest of the characters have to make. In many sequels, there will be a few mentions of what occurred in the original, but they never really go into much detail.

There is a ton of slow motion special effects throughout this film, especially during the fight/action scenes, which I think were pretty cool and something a little bit different than what the rest of the Marvel films have done here recently. It is always nice to change things up in order to give the audience some new material to ponder at. I would have to say that we get more of the Spider-Man that most of us are used to…you know, the one that is cracking a joke every chance he gets while battling one of his enemies. But, mixed in with the comedy are some dramatic and dark scenes that will certainly dampen the funny vibe in a heartbeat. All in all, Spidey is back and he is better than ever! After watching this movie, you will realize that they can go in different amount of directions as to what will happen in the later movies in the franchise.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Andrew Garfield……………..Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone…………………Gwen Stacy
Jamie Foxx…………………..Electro/Max Dillon
Dane DeHaan………………..Green Goblin/Harry Osborn
Sally Field…………………..Aunt May

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“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Release Date: April 4, 2014

Well, we have our frontrunner for Best Movie of the year. Marvel continues its dominance in the movie industry and from the looks of their future projects; they will remain at the top of the entertainment business for a long, long time. Granted, this is the only film I have seen from this year so far, but in order for another movie to climb above “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” on my Top 20 list, its going to have to go all out and put everything on the line…which from the looks of the preview of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” we will be witnessing one heavyweight bout that will go the full distance.

Back to Cap, this movie has it all. Some of the best hand to hand combat that I have seen in a film in a while now and thus, Captain America shows off a whole new skill set that we have not been able to witness in his previous movies. The storyline provides you with many twists and turns that will more than likely catch you completely off guard if you have been following this franchise since “Iron Man.” There is constant action in nearly every scene that will have you on the edge of your seat saying wow (or some expletives in some cases) over and over again. Throw in some subtle comedy sprinkled in all throughout the film as well as some of the most dramatic scenes so far in the franchise and I do not know what more you can ask for in a movie.

Chris Evans has the Captain America persona down to almost perfection and his chemistry with Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson grows even more in this installment. Scarlett Johansson is back playing as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow and she is hotter than ever. As Mugatu would say while he is watching this film, “It’s that damn Johansson! She’s so hot right now!” Samuel L. Jackson continues to be a complete badass on the big screen as Director Nick Fury. A new hero joins in on the action of helping Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff on their mission as Anthony Mackie plays as Sam Wilson / Falcon. The new “villain,” The Winter Soldier, may soon be reaching the popularity level of the trickster himself, Loki, after Sebastian Stan’s portrayal will be able to let Marvel go in many different directions in how they want to handle their storylines and such. The great Robert Redford graces us with his presences and certainly brings it as well.

All in all, this is a film that I could watch on a continuous loop. It was worth every penny to go see in the theater.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Chris Evans…………….Steve Rogers / Captain America
Samuel L. Jackson……..Director Nick Fury
Scarlett Johansson……..Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Robert Redford………..Alexander Pierce
Sebastian Stan…………Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
Anthony Mackie……….Sam Wilson / Falcon
Cobie Smulders……….Maria Hill

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