“J. Edgar”

“J. Edgar”

Release Date: November 11, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio does a phenomenal job in portraying the first director of the FBI. The rest of cast also plays their parts well, and it seems like everyone has great chemistry with one another on screen. This is a pure biographical/drama film that you history lovers will enjoy tremendously. Before watching this film, I knew that J. Edgar Hoover liked to overstep his boundaries in order to catch the criminal he was after, but there were many things that I learned after watching this flick. Clint Eastwood provides everyone with yet another movie that he has directed that everyone should enjoy watching at least one time.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Leonardo DiCaprio………………..J. Edgar Hoover
Armie Hammer……………………Clyde Tolson
Naomi Watts………………………Helen Gandy


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