“The Dark Knight Rises”

“The Dark Knight Rises”

Release Date: July 20, 2012

What a fantastic movie Christopher Nolan made to finish up his trilogy on the caped crusader. Just like in the first two installments in the franchise, the cast is simply outstanding. Christian Bale returns to play as Bruce Wayne/Batman and he was his usual self…simply astounding. Michael Caine may very well be nominated for many awards as a supporting actor with his performance. Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman are also their usually selves in this one as well. There are some newcomers in “The Dark Knight Rises” too and they all did a wonderful job except for one of them. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, and Marion Cotillard are all very talented actors and they play their parts very well. Tom Hardy, who plays the character Bane, on the other hand…did a phenomenal job! The way that he did his voice in this film will be one of a kind and his physical acting is off the charts. Did he do better than Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight?” Not a chance, but I am not sure any other actor could have done what he did. Bane is just a complete badass.
The action sequences are top notch, the hand to hand combat scenes are fascinating and seeing the upgraded version of some of Batman’s toys is pretty freaking sweet. There is not one single word in the dialogue throughout the entire movie that is a waste of space. Every single scene has a meaning to the story so make sure to pay attention. Now, the biggest question I had going into watching this film was, “Is this going to be the movie of the year?” Well it is still way early to tell because we still have five more months of movie watching to figure that out. But, as of right now I have “The Dark Knight Rises” TIED with “The Avengers.” It is just so hard trying to figure out which one of those movies is better. Either way, I will be buying both of those movies when they come out on DVD. Cannot forget about the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” that just came out a few weeks ago being mentioned as one of the top movies of the year. Well actually you can when you are comparing “The Amazing Spider-Man” to either “The Dark Knight Rises” or “The Avengers.” However, I will still be buying “The Amazing Spider-Man” at the end of the day as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Christian Bale……………….Bruce Wayne/Batman
Tom Hardy…………………..Bane
Anne Hathaway………………Selina Kyle
Joseph Gordon-Levitt……….John Blake


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