“2 Guns”

“2 Guns”

Release Date: August 2, 2013

With two undercover agents, one from the DEA and the other from naval intelligence, working as a team, even though they both think the other guy is just some regular old bad guy, their missions are to infiltrate a drug cartel and try to dig up any dirt they can find on the leader. DEA Agent Robert “Bobby” Trench, played by Denzel Washington, and Petty Officer Michael “Stig” Stigman, played by Mark Wahlberg, are each given their orders from their boss/commanding officer. Bobby tries to make a deal for fake passports in exchange for some drugs. When he gets money instead, he realizes that he would not have enough evidence to convict drug lord Papi Greco. Now they move onto Stigman’s plan of robbing Greco’s bank. While robbing the bank, Bobby and Stig come out with a little more money than they had planned on. Instead of the reported $3 million, they walk out of the bank with $43 million. After high tailing dodge, Bobby and Stig both become a little suspicious and then all hell breaks loose. If they did not steal Greco’s money, then whose money did they rob?

Wahlberg essentially steals the spotlight away from Denzel in this one as Wahlberg is always coming up with the perfect/funny phrases to say in key situations. Denzel is just along for the ride, but he is a part of the best scene of the entire film. Paula Patton is in a very steamy scene where most of us will be in complete awe. Austin Powers would definitely not be able to control himself if he was in the room that is for sure. Washington and Wahlberg do form a good team, but this does not even come close to what they could accomplish with one another.

This is the second film that I have watched from director Baltasar Kormákur, the other being “Contraband,” and while these two films have been a decent watch, there is not a whole lot that will draw me back to wanting to re-watch either of the films. I will give Kormákur some credit though; he sure has worked with some of the top actors of today.

Rating: 3 out 5 stars.

Main Cast

Denzel Washington………………Bobby

Mark Wahlberg…………………..Stig

Paula Patton……………………..Deb

Edward James Olmos……………Papi Greco

Bill Paxton………………………Earl

Robert John Burke………………Jessup

James Marsden………………….Quince


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