“Thor: The Dark World”

“Thor: The Dark World”

Release Date: November 8, 2013

So “Thor: The Dark World” will most definitely be one of the top movies of 2013. This movie is absolutely fantastic and it is by far the best superhero movie of the year. “Iron Man 3” and “The Wolverine” are awesome as well, but they do not even come close to matching what “Thor: The Dark World” brought to the table. It is rare to find a sequel that is better than the original, but that is not the case here.

In the short amount of time that Chris Hemsworth has been in the acting industry, his role as Thor has shot him into stardom in just three short years. Natalie Portman plays a much larger role in this sequel and she certainly does put her charm out there for everyone to see. Tom Hiddleston, or as most of you know him as, Loki, steals the show yet again. Loki has got to be one of the most likeable supervillians that has been on the big screen. Loki’s trickery and the way that Hiddleston is able to convey Loki’s intentions are flawless. Does not get much better than watching Jaimie Alexander kicks some major butt as Sif either. Hopefully in the near future, Sif can have her own film dedicated to her story. The rest of the cast are phenomenal themselves.

Pretty much every single type of emotion can be found in this action/adventure. I would have to say that are more instances throughout this film where you will be laughing than you would be in a movie that is suppose to be a full out “comedy.” The writers did a wonderful job in inserting the one-liners and physical comedy into the script. With the looks of the rest of the Marvel movies that will soon be coming out, you all will be able to witness first hand in “Thor: The Dark World,” more dark storylines and tragedies that will for sure hit home to those who love to connect with their favorite characters on the big screen. All the combat scenes are well choreographed with pristine accuracy, the CGI effects do not go overboard and there are very few flaws in the movie, if any, that I recognized while watching.

The storyline is the basic superhero vs. supervillain one, with Thor taking on Malekith, who is the ruler of the Dark Elves in the realm known as Svartalfheim.

I really hope every gets a chance to go to the theatre to check this film out as it is worth every single penny. Be sure to stay during the credits as well as there will be a few surprises and a short scene that leads into future endeavors in the Marvel world.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast

Chris Hemsworth…………….Thor

Natalie Portman………………Jane Foster

Tom Hiddleston……………..Loki

Anthony Hopkins…………….Odin

Christopher Eccleston……….Malekith

Jaimie Alexander…………….Sif

Zachary Levi…………………Fandral

Ray Stevenson……………….Volstagg

Idris Elba…………………….Heimdall

Rene Russo………………….Frigga


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13 Responses to “Thor: The Dark World”

  1. teny says:

    I am actually glad that this one worked – Iron Man & Wolverine have been getting too much attention 🙂

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  4. CMrok93 says:

    Weird how this felt like a summer blockbuster, right at the beginning of November. But it didn’t bother me, because it was still worth watching. Nice review.

  5. lauren says:

    Hi thanks for following my blog. I agree Thor: The Dark World is a brilliant sequel, I loved that they had so much humour in it. This is one of my favourite films of the year. Great review!

    • Thanks! As of this moment, I have this film as my #1 of the year. Still have 60 or so more films to watch from 2013, but I don’t see Thor: The Dark World dropping from my #1 ranking.

  6. Java Girl says:

    Excellent review! Thor The Dark World and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are two of my favorites of 2013 for me.

    • I still have around 55 films to watch before I’ll post my Top Movies of 2013, but I highly doubt Thor The Dark World will be topped. I’m looking forward to seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Preview looks awesome.

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