“As Above, So Below”

“As Above, So Below”

Release Date: August 29, 2014

Combine a mediocre treasure hunt with the catacombs that run underneath Paris, France and you are bound to make a poor movie. For the most part, the cast is a bunch of unknown talent, except for maybe Ben Feldman. But this type of movie, there is no need to try and bring any A listers, or even B listers. The scare tactics used throughout fail miserably. Their quest is not all that exciting to follow either and not a whole lot of backstory is given for anyone or anything. So it you choose to watch this movie, watch at your own risk of becoming bored very early on.

Just walking through catacombs would be creepy enough, but having to basically go through an entire maze of skeletons would turn most people away. Scarlett is really determined to find the treasure, not for monetary gain, but more for the history and recognition, so she convinces a few of her acquaintances and a couple of locals who say they know their way around the catacombs, to join her on the adventure. Little do they know that once they cross a specific line, all the evil that they have went through in their lives will begin tormenting them all over again.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Main Cast
Perdita Weeks…………..Scarlett
Ben Feldman……………George
Edwin Hodge……………Benji
François Civil……………Papillon
Marion Lambert…………..Souxie
Ali Marhyar………………Zed
Cosme Castro…………….La Taupe


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